Q: How do I register my band for the 2022 contest?
To register for TMC, please fill out this Google Form. After completing the form we will send you an invoice for remiting a check for registration payment.

Q: What is the Payment and Refund policy?
Your registration is not complete until we receive full payment. Contest Fee and Sunday Judge Clinic (if participation is desired) payment is due in full by May 2nd. Bands that have not paid in full by May 2nd will not be guaranteed a spot in the contest if there is a wait list.

Refund Schedule:
♦  Those that have paid and need to withdraw will receive a full refund if it is prior to May 2nd.
♦  Withdrawals between May 2nd and August 1st will receive a 50% refund.
♦  There are no refunds after August 1st.

Q: What are the videography and photography guidelines?
No videography or photography is permitted from field level. Bands will be given one media pass upon check in to the contest. The media person will be permitted to the balcony area of the press box to record their band’s performance. Please be up in the press box at least ten minutes before the band performs. No professional video will be provided from Texas Marching Classic.

Q: How is scoring calculated?
The scoring system uses a combination of judges scores for music, marching and visual effects/enhancement.

General Effect: 40%
♦  Average of General Visual Effect, judged from highest point in the stands
♦  Average of General Effect Music, judged from highest point in the stands

Music Performance: 30%
♦  Average of Music Performance (Individual), judged on the field
♦  Average of Music Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands

Visual Performance: 30%
♦  Average of Visual Performance (Individual), judged from the field
♦  Average of Visual Performance (Ensemble), judged from the stands

Q: How do we get feedback from the judges?

Bands receive a recorded verbal evaluation from each judge. Recorded evaluations and scanned images of written critique will be made available via Dropbox, Google Drive, or CompetitionSuite. The timing of availability of these evaluations is as follows:

♦  Verbal evaluations for bands not qualifying for Finals will be made available approximately 15 minutes after the Preliminary Awards Ceremony.

♦  Bands who qualify for Finals competition will be able to download their verbal evaluation from Preliminaries competition approximately 15 minutes after the Preliminary Awards Ceremony. However, written evaluations from Preliminary competition will only be made available following Finals competition.

♦  Finals competition evaluations (both written and verbal) will be made available approximately 15 minutes following the completion of the Full Retreat held at the end of the Finals competition. Bands competing in Finals will also receive their written evaluations from Preliminaries at this time.

Q: What Awards/Trophies will be distributed?
Preliminaries Awards

After preliminaries the top three (3) bands in each classification will be given a trophy. There will also be five (5) caption awards. The 5 caption trophies are for Visual, Music, General Effect, Color Guard, and Percussion.

1st/2nd/3rd Place Bands will receive trophies
4th - 10th Place Bands will receive a finals qualifier trophy
Caption Trophies will be awarded for Visual Performance, Music Performance, General Effect, Color Guard (Auxiliary), and Percussion.

Individual medals will be given to each member of the Grand Champion (1st place) Band.

All bands will receive a participation trophy to commemorate their performance at the Texas Marching Classic.